14th February 2015 - Egan Family Photoshoot

Valentine's Day - a wonderful day for a photoshoot of a loving, happy family! 

We took these three down to the dean's gardens behind Winchester Cathedral on a lovely sunny winter's morning. The gardens are quite small, but there is lots of interest in them, from little archways to big old trees, to stone benches. 

When we arrived at the gardens, we realised that half of Winchester Cathedral is currently under scaffolding, so took steps to ensure that we always shot our pictures facing away from the Cathedral to avoid unsightly scaffolding in the background of our pictures. We made a note that we must return to these gardens when all the scaffolding has been taken down so that we can get some of Winchester's finest landmark in our pictures. 

Benji, at 15 months, performed admirably on our photoshoot - obliging us with lots of different poses and exhibiting great patience for a 15 month old. We loved taking photos of these three!


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